In this episode:

A fresh yoga teacher certificate is in your pocket. Juhu! But what’s next? How to start teaching and how to find a place to teach?

In this podcast we will guide you through the following topics:

  • Depending on your level as a teacher you might want to start to teach immediately after finishing your yoga teacher training – good idea!
  • First teaching possibility might be – teaching your friends and relatives for free or a donation.
  • Taking money for your classes wenn you are a fresh yoga teacher – pros and cons.
  • How to get a yoga class to teach at a yoga studio?
  • Teaching in a yoga studio vs. teaching in a gym.
  • Find alternative space to teach (dance studio to rent, art gallery, school, university etc). Think out of the box!
  • Last but not least: Work on your teaching style and never stop learning.

Learning Take Outs

  1. What level am I at and what level can I teach to others?
  2. What yoga studio in my city I would like to teach in?
  3. What alternative ways of teaching can I find?
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