In this Episode:

We start the episode giving you some background on our yoga experience and history: we both have been practicing yoga holistically for over 15 years, showing an interest in spirituality since an early age. 

We proceed to speak about why would someone want to teach yoga and why not everyone can be a yoga teacher: it takes a special type of personality and skills to become a teacher, especially when it comes to the body-mind-spirit system such as yoga.

We speak about some of the developments in the modern yoga where people have access to teacher trainings and can become a yoga teacher very easily, but the challenge of making a living with yoga remains. We suggest that a yoga teacher should always have an additional source of income to have freed-up energy to be of real service to others.

We finish with additional thoughts on what it means to teach yoga to others and what it takes to be a good teacher, as well as the learning take-outs in which we ask you to engage with the content of the episode.

Learning take-outs

Answer these questions:

  1. Why do I want to teach yoga/not teach yoga?
  2. What yoga has given me and what my yoga classes can give to others?
  3. How do I commit to yoga: how much time do I want to invest into it on a regular basis?
  4. What resources can I make use of (studios, online resources, access to teachers, etc)?

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