In this Episode:

We start with our thoughts about why Self-Practice is so important. Yoga is a way of self development. As a Yoga teachers, we show our students who to develop one self. What else makes the self-practice so important?

Self-Practice is our laboratory, our sand-box, our playground, where we explore the possibilities of our own body-mind, the use of sequences, poses and exercises. We work on a specific theme or topic of the class and how it reflects in the asanas.

We talk about what Self Practice requires and develops and what are the Highs and downs on the way of a self practice.

We share our ideas of what can help you to practice regularly. We discuss the pros and corns of morning and evening practice. How to support your self-practice with a proper food schedule. We speak about how often one should practice and when it is the best time to rest.

At the end we share our ideas about how to stick to the plan and what resources we can make use of.

Learning Take-Outs

Answer these questions:

  1. What stops me from practicing yoga?
  2. What motivates me to practice?
  3. Why I practice yoga | Why I need a daily practice?

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