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No matter which profession or what industry we are talking about, the basic rule towards success is: Build Your Network & Nurture Your Community. It is much more about Whom you know, then Who you are.

Since the cave times, having a community has been extremely important to us humans for three reasons:
1. Practical: helping individuals survive and have prosperous lives together
2. Psychological: creating a sense of meaning and purpose
3. Spiritual: making it possible to have a transcendental experience and merge as one

In this podcast we are talking about the benefits of having the community and how to find people from / for your community.

You are the creator of your own community/network: you can always pick and chose the people you want to connect with and there many ways how you could do this:

  • reach out to people you respect and admire, meet them at the first opportunity, offer your help
  • create a space for sharing & exchange where you teach, invite your students and colleagues
  • go to workshops with people you want to learn from, connect with them and stay in touch for the future
  • go to events where many industry players are involved, network and find ways of collaborating
  • surround yourself with people you love, take good care of them, support them, and you will be supported in return
  • Thinking outside of the box: creative collaborations – connecting with people who are not necessary yogis or in the yoga industry

Further we are going through HOW to sustain your network, relationships, community and why you should:

  • Show support for people you love and respect: showing your face when you have to
  • Be on people’s minds: meeting people you know, reminding them about you and your work so that they think of you when they need to work with someone like you
  • Connect on a heart level: finding true friends, fostering relationships, and developing them over time
  • Connecting on a heart level: fi

We close our talk with thoughts about life satisfaction and purpose which true connections give to us. We speak about self practice and motivation with the help of your community.

Learning Take-Outs:

Answer these questions:

  1. What stops you from going out and meeting people?
  2. Who would you like to meet and befriend in your community?
  3. How big is your network and how could you expand it?
  4. Who are your most important connections and how to foster these relationships?
  5. How can you help others? What can you do to make your friend’s life better?

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