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Nowadays there are plenty of yoga events happening each moment. Today we speak about how to find a yoga event (yoga teacher training, yoga retreat, yoga holiday, yoga workshop, yoga conference, yoga festival, etc) that perfectly fits to you.

Just only some years ago it was much easier to find your offer, as there were not that many yoga things happening out there. You could compare them all and choose what was best for you. Today you have to use other technics!

We introduce our “Guide Lines”:

  1. Yoga teacher training: define where are you in your yoga practice now and what you would like to achieve. Choose your yoga teacher, then your method and then the certification.
  2. Yoga Workshop (being exposed to an ad): check teacher quality/content quality. You should be driven to the teacher by something out of his qualities: experience, method, topic, personality. Pay attention not to be fooled by the online identity which can be easily created. Try to sense the true person behind . Pay attention what are the roots (method, teacher, own practice, life story) of the teacher. Look if you feel attached .
  3. Yoga Retreat: Define your needs. What do you want – more yoga, more meditation, more unique nature experience, or more cultural activities? Choose accordingly. And don’t hesitate to ask questions. Call and ask directly.
  4. Yoga Trips – yoga and travel: Yoga trip is an adventure. It is coming out of the everyday life, new energy, new perspective. A transformation – if you want it.
    Yoga trip is not a yoga retreat but it has a lot of qualities of a retreat . What is very important: the place, the teacher, daily program – all depends on your goals.
    Look what phrases are being used in the yoga trip description. Are the phrases more common – then maybe this trip is a typical tourist offer. If you read specific words, if you hear passion behind, then you are on the right track.
    Rely on the teacher’s energy to attract a certain crowd of people.
  5. Yoga Holidays: a moment to rest.
  6. Yoga Conference/Festival: It is a hub of ideas, new Trans and connections. Define your needs. Choose if the event should be local, national or international. And compare the visions of the event with your own.

Tipps how not to miss what you want to visit

Nadezda tells you how to organize your yoga event calendar that will attract the right yoga event for you:)


Anastasia gives some tips how to find the money for all your yoga events.

Learning Take Outs

  1. What are your goals regarding yoga Praxis for this year? For example : doing a yoga retreat for 7 days or 2- 3 yoga weekends, visit a conference, participate in one workshop each month, etc
  2. What topics would you like to learn this year?
  3. Finish your yoga calendar according your plans and wishes. Update it. Follow it 🙂
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