In this episode:

Simon Borg Olivier is an international well-known yoga teacher with over 30 years of teaching practice and about 40-50 years of self practice. He is a physiologist, research scientist, author and creator of Yogasynergy System.

Nica met Simon Borg-Olivier back in 2012 and was inspired by his revolutional way of practicing and teaching yoga. YogaSynergy System was created for our modern western body by following the ancient definitions what a true yoga is.

Interested to know more about Simon and his YogaSynergy Method? Then listen to this episode.

You will find out:

  • What are the main points of YogaSynergy
  • How Simon managed to teach physiology so you can easily understand and remember it
  • How to find a proper yoga teacher for yourself
  • “The Blind lead the Blind” and other problems of yoga industry nowadays
  • What real yoga and meditation practice have to look like
  • How to practice and teach yoga with joy

If you are searching for a yoga teacher training, check the links below. Anastasia and Nica have created an intensive 200H yoga teacher training (YogaAlliance certified) which includes an Online Course of Simon Borg Olivier on Yoga Anatomy.

Links for this episode

  1. Simon’s Website
  2. Simon’s Instagram
  3. Yoga Teacher Training with Anastasia and Nica, including Simon’s Online Course “Anatomy and physiology of yoga” in Berlin
  4. Yoga Teacher Training with Nica and Anastasia, including Simon’s Online Course “Anatomy and physiology of yoga” in Duisburg
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