Take a look at the 10 topics that we have prepared for our first season of the Yoga Teacher’s Helper Podcast.

Please comment and share what you think about these topics and the episodes. We would love to know what excites you the most! And we appreciate your active listening 🙂

So here are the episodes:

Episode 1: Being A Yoga Teacher: Do you have what it takes to be a yoga teacher?

Episode 2: Self-practice: importance and tips how to keep up.

Episode 3: Networking & Getting to Know your Yoga Community

Episode 4: Finding Your Perfect Yoga Offer

Episode 5: Finding your Primary Influential Teachers: how and why?

Episode 6: Fresh Yoga Teacher: How to find a place to teach? 

Episode 7: Fresh Yoga Teacher: How to find your teaching style?

Episode 8: Fresh Yoga Teacher: Sequencing, structure of the class

Episode 9: Fresh Yoga Teacher: FEARS around teaching & public speaking

Episode 10: Fresh Yoga Teacher: continuous learning

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